7 In Trend Knitted Sweaters You Need for Fall 2016

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Posted on September 11 2016

7 In Trend Knitted Sweaters You Need for Fall 2016
Aren't we all bored with that old plain and boring baggy sweaters? Trust us, you can look sexy even in Fall. Start dressing up this fall and push aside all sweatpants and sweatshirts! 
Life is too short to keep wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts. So what's in trend now? Can you really still look sexy and show off that curve of yours in Fall season? Well, we gotcha. 

Here are our 7 favorite sweaters that are in trend this season for 2016!

1. Lace Up Knitted Sweater $34.90

Available in grey and cream color, these cropped sweaters are perfect with a high-waist skinnies or a skirt.
2. Off Shoulder Baggy Knitted Sweater $37.90

Fall/Winter isn't all about covering up! You can wear this knitted pullover in two ways: Off Shoulders (and still look sexy in Fall) or the classic, upright way!
Available in Brown, Grey, Black and White.

3. Halter Turtleneck Knitted Top $29.90

So is the weather cold, but not thaat cold yet? Show off your sexy back this fall in this backless turtleneck top. Guaranteed to have all eyes turning back at cha.

4. Off Shoulder Knitted Crop Top $29.90
Black and white
Taupe and Maroon

This knitted bodycon off shoulder cropped top is the perfect fall outfit for almost any kind of look! Going for a classy look? Or a sexy look? The girl-next-door kinda look? Or just a college outfit look? Well, this is it. 

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