About Us

Who are Behind Hemlines?
Behind Hemlines are an American online-based fashion retailer built for the global modern female. We believe deeply that what we wear is an extension of who we are and we love to support women who are free to be who they are and are proud of it. 

Not only this, but we believe that how our clothes are made and what the story behind the design matters too. 

That actually, is the inspiration behind our name. So now you know.

Woman in Brown Shirt Sitting Near Green Plant Under Clear Blue Sky
What's our style?
We believe that clothes express who we are, and what we are, are fluid beings. Therefore we can be chic, classic and timeless but we're unafraid to be bold, colorful and expressive. Whatever the case is, all our clothes have been designed with great intention and meaning for the modern female who is never just one thing.

What's happening next?
We're going through some changes across 2018-19, some of which you'll see instantly and some of which you'll feel much later. Either way, we're so excited to embark on this journey which is all based around being a better company for you.

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